Bridal Shower Chalk Board Glasses


Needs: Wine Glasses, Chalkboard Paint, Painting Tape, Foam Paint Brush, Twine, Chalk, Parchment Paper

1) Cover area with parchment paper.  Paint does not stick. I used some of the painting tape to hold paper down to table, to prevent movement.

2) Rise off the wine glasses and allow to air dry.

3) Tape each glasses near the top of the stem, where you’d like the chalk board paint to stop.

4) Paint a coat on the stem of the glass, does not need to be perfect. Do not paint the bottom of the glass. (make sure to get the bottom rim)

5a) Wait for paint to dry and apply a second coat

5b) While paint is drying take individual pieces of chalk and wrap with twine, to later wrap around the wine stem

6) After all paint has completely dried, remove painter tape.

7) Tie chalk and twine around the wine stem. Make sure to tie it in a bow, for easy removal.

8) Pour WINE!


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